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Change font size for Qt Creator side bar?

  • I'm having the same issue I had in Xcode: you can change the font size for the editor, but not for some other common text areas in the application. I have bad eyes, and it would be great if I can increase the font size for the file list in the side bar. Anyone know if that is possible? I cannot find any way to do so.

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    AFAIK, there's no easy way to do it on OS X, there is no system-wide option to modify the font size used. You might request that feature for QtCreator through the "bug report system": (use the feature request type)

  • Can you use stylesheets with Qt Creator? If that wasn't forcefully removed, it should be possible. So if one knew the name of that sidebar (source code is available!) or at least what it is derived from (maybe QTreeView?), a stylesheet could be used to overwrite its standard presentation.

    Try this:
    QTreeView { font-size: 24px }

    Put it in some file (e.g. file.qss) and launch Qt Creator like this:
    qtcreator.exe -stylesheet=file.qss

    EDIT: I tried it and it actually worked. Question is, whether any other TreeViews are badly influenced by this. But as I said, one can probably get more specific to only influence the sidebar.

    If I misunderstood you and you were talking about a different component of the window, you would have to find out what kind of object it is (just guess, for starters) and replace the "QTreeView" in the example I gave with something else.

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