QtCreator Android - Deploy a app of a project with multiple apps

  • Good evening.
    I would like to create a main project that contains more than one android app and shared libs.
    It is no problem to create a empty project and to add sub-projects,
    but it is not possible to change project settings for a single app in a sub project.
    Also there is the problem of deployment. With multiple apps as sub-projects deployment on the main-project tries somehow to combine them into one single apk and fails in the process.

    Is there a way to have a setup like this with deployment and editable project-settings for each app?

    With kind regards

  • Hello Markus,

    I am in similar situation: I want to deploy an app to android, which consists of several sub projects. Some are applications, some are libs used by the apllications. I am not able to get one of the apllications running on an android device, but there are running fine as desktop application on desktop systems.

    Did you find any solution to your problem?

    Best regards,

  • Hello Siavash,
    I am afraid I have found no good solution to the problem.
    My workaround for my specific problem is for now to enter the sourcefiles I like to share between apps directly into each apps *.pro file.
    The apps themself are still in serperate Qt-Projects, but this way I can access the shared functions from each project directly and they get compiled with the project.
    To make my setup work I have a folder structur like this:

    In the *.pro of App1 and 2 I just need to add at SOURCES "./../Shared/Shared.cpp" and at HEADERS "SOURCES ./../Shared/Shared.h".

    I have not found a solution to open all my apps with one *.pro file though.
    It would have been nice to somehow export a session containing all my seperate projects and put it into something like "Source/projects.session" but it seems sessions are not meant to be exported/shared in Qt.
    Maybe there will be better solution for all of this with Qt5.2 and QtCreator3.

    With kind regards

  • Hello Markus,
    thanks for the info. At least I know now what the problem is. Your forum post helped me a lot. I am now able to deploy to an adroid device. finally!

    best regards,

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