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[SOLVED] Difference between zipped package and getting source from Git

  • I am having huge problems getting Qt5 to build from source. Specifically building the docs. The binaries and html files build but will not install in target folders. Because of that I don't trust that it is correct.

    If I get source from Git git::/, is the repository containing the exact files as the file from the Download area It seems that what I get from Git may be the trunk and not version 5.1.1.

    I hope someone would verify this, thanks

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    No it doesn't. You have to checkout the v5.1.1 tag. The various branches reflect the current state of development of Qt

  • That should be reflected in the page that details getting the source via Git - that is, ..."ensure the tag for the clone is the version you are requesting", or something to that effect.

    How do you go about getting the tag from the repository?

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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    Generally speaking, people building from git want to have the latest version of the stable code (what will go in the next patch release)

    @git checkout v5.1.1@

    in your case

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