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[Solved]Undefined reference problem

  • I've installed qxmpp library recently and wanted to write small program. I included QXmppClient.h and after some problems at start I managed to set it and included as any other qt header. But there came the problem, creating simple variable QXmppClient client; gave me these errors

    /root/IM_client-build-desktop/../IM_client/reg_okno.cpp:47: error: undefined reference to QXmppClient::QXmppClient(QObject*)' /root/IM_client-build-desktop/../IM_client/reg_okno.cpp:50: error: undefined reference toQXmppClient::~QXmppClient()'

    I changed it to QXmppClient *client; and error disappeared but now after this client->connectToServer("blahblah","test"); I got the error again
    /root/IM_client-build-desktop/../IM_client/reg_okno.cpp:56: error: undefined reference to `QXmppClient::connectToServer(QString const&, QString const&)'

    I don't think there is problem with header because after typing client-> qt creator showed up all existing members of QXmppClient class in menu (I don't know how its called :)) as expected.
    I'll be thankful for any help or hint :)

  • Do you link with the correct lib?

  • The example gave me this error when run

    /root/static_im/qxmpp-0.7.6/examples/example_0_connected-build-desktop/example_0_connected: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    I've tried to add LIBS += -L/usr/local/lib to .pro file to tell linker where to find lib but it didn't help, will be probably the same problem in my own code, how can I force linker to look there for the lib file?

  • Upper case 'L' defines the path of the library, but need also to specify the static part of the lib with lower case 'l'. See "this":

  • changed it to LIBS += -L/usr/local/lib -lqxmpp_d but nothing happened, application still crashing with same message

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    There's something not clear, once you have a problem when compiling, then when running the application.

    So maybe a silly question but: are you sure you have on your system ?

  • yes, the file is link to shared library it's in same directory as the lib, /usr/local/lib

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    Just to make things clear: did you build your application successfully ?

  • yes, no error nor warning when building it, only when I run application it crashes with that error

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    Then you need to update LD_LIBRARY_PATH and make it point also to /usr/local/lib.

    By the way, developing (and generally doing anything) as root user is very dangerous, you could end up destroying your OS.

  • Thank you really much this was exactly the problem, next time I'll know :)

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