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QAnimationProperty And Nokia N8

  • Hello all,

    I want to animate widgets using QAnimationProperty class which is very easy to use. I am trying the following code:


    QPropertyAnimation* sampleAnimation = new QPropertyAnimation(myWidget,"geometry");

    i first tested this on my Nokia X6 it was very fast and was what i needed and then tried on Nokia N8 to my surprise for the later device the animation was very slow and after two three times of continuous usage the animation was not at all working.

    Do i need to do something special for this?? Please help me to understand whats happening wrong??


    [EDIT: code formatting, Volker]

  • What Qt version is it compiled for and what Qt version are you using on X6 and N8?

  • thanks for the reply, i am pretty sure they are the same one as the application has a smart installer and it downloads the binary from the server for the first time(this is for x6).

    For N8 it has pre installed library i.e. 4.6.3 correct me if i am wrong

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