Can lupdate skip projects when processing sub-projects?

  • I am setting up a large project (with a number of sub-projects) for localization. I'm pointing lupdate at the parent project and letting it recurse through the others. lupdate seems to be choking on some of the sub-projects that I don't care about (don't have localization requirements). I've hacked the lupdate source code to skip over these projects, but I'd prefer it if there was an option (either command line, specified in the .pro file, or otherwise) to tell the stock lupdate to skip over certain projects in the tree. Does such a thing exist?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you try with -no-recursive and -I for the folder you want to be scanned (I am not sure whether It only search for include files) ?

  • Thanks for the welcome. I didn't try that. I kind of wanted the solution to be inclusive with exceptions. But instead, I decided to put all of our strings into a single common project and run the localization tools on that.

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