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[SOLVED:]Two Qt Creators working on same project

  • Hi,
    we are two devs, working on Windows 2008 Server under two different usernames. C++ is Visual C++ 2010, Qt Creator is 2.8.1, Debugger is CDB 64 Bit. Project is a subdir based, with about 20 sub projects. Kits are 64 and 32 Bit. I work with the 64 part, my partner works with the 32 Bit. Sources and .pro Files are shared.

    We found out, that in project settings "Run" randomly the commandline arguments are gone. Nobody wiped it out manually....

    Compiling/Linking works, debugging is horrible slow, specially with little complex structures. VS Debugger is here much faster,

    What is the reason for loosing project command line parameters ?

    Another thing is annoying. Setting i.e. 64 Bit Debug and the name of one subproject (on left lower corner Qt Creator) and press "Build" / The hammer symbol, release is build instead, we also had same behaviour, instead changing debug to release, it compiles in 32 Bit instead in 64... Very crude...


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    Just to be sure I understand you correctly: you are both working at the same time on the same project as in: using the same files ?

  • Hi
    If you are working with same files at same time with different tools(32/64) better don't do that. I can't actualy say is your all problems are come from this, but, better using GIT or other version controlling systems for team working.

  • @SGalst

    We use shadow build, I work on the 64 Bit, my partner use 32 Bit. Separate Build folders, so all is separated. Only sources are used together, but we work also on different subprojects.
    We have one "user"-file besides the normal main

    I will copy to, so each person has a separate project file.

    We used Visual Studio 2010 in the past (with the VSAddIn), But this VSAddin is buggy, so we gave Qt Creator a chance...


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    It's really a bad idea to work on the same set of files in a project even if you are using different pro files to build them. As qxoz suggested, use a VCS such as git, mercurial or bazaar for team work. You'll avoid many problems as well as keep the history of your code.

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