Undo/redo problem[solved]

  • hi, i'm having a problem implimenting undo with QUndoStack and QUndoCommand
    i created the @QAction *undoAction; @

    in the header file,and in the constructer i did this
    @undoAction = undoStack->createUndoAction(this, tr("&Undo"));@

    then push a command into the stack "i know that the command got pushed because i saw it with the debuger"

    but when i run the program and press undo the function that i implimented in the command::undo() doesn't get excuted
    but when i call

    using an other button the function that i implimented in the command::undo() excutes

    i hope my question makes sens ,and i will provide any other details

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    Can you post your Qt/OS versions ?

  • ok,sorry that i bothered you
    but i solved the problem,the problem was that, in the constructer i allocated the undoStack two times
    @ undoStack = new QUndoStack(this);@

    @ undoStack = new QUndoStack(this);@

    i deleted one and now runs fine

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    No worries and thanks for sharing the solution !

    Don't forget to update the thread title prepending [solved] so other forum users may know a solution has been found :)

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