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  • Hello,

    I am new to QT Creator. I am using Windows 7, and do not have Visual Studio installed.

    I have installed the QT product, and it seems to have default Compiler and Kit already setup.

    Installation Title

    QT version
    <img src='' />

    However, I am unable to build a HelloWorld app and QT states an error requiring me to setup a Kit:

    For the life of me, I do not understand what more the Kit setup screen requires of me, and what I need to do to remedy the situation.

    Here are a few more screen shots of my default Compiler and Kit setup screens:

    Compiler(s) - Default install

    Kit - Kits installed

    Kit - Default kit's settings

    I apologize in advance for posting a question I see others have posted, but I have spent a couple of days reading and following directions with no luck.

    Thank you in advance >SO MUCH< for helping me get my cart out of the rut.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    QtCreator's about box doesn't give you the installed Qt but the Qt used to build QtCreator.

    Are you using the Desktop MinGW kit ? It's the only one you can use since you have no Visual Studio Installed (you can remove all the Visual Studio kits by the way)

  • Re: "Are you using the Desktop MinGW kit ?"

    To me it looks like Desktop MinGW is installed, and is set as the default kit, but I haven't chosen to 'use' this of my own accord. It was there when I installed - it doesn't work as it stands - what do I need to do to build?

    What do I need to change? What am I missing? It's just a Hello World app with a button and an event.

    Re: "you can remove all the Visual Studio kits by the way"
    No, I can't. The Remove button remains disabled for Auto-detected kits.

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    In that case, you should rather uninstall everything, start from fresh and only install the MinGW sdk.

  • Ha ha! What? I've done that 3 times already.

    Your software should work when installed.

    So much for the myth that Microsoft is the worst.

    I'll pass this joke on to others, but I'm not laughing.

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    There might be a bug in the online installer.

    If you are only interested in MinGW, you can also use the dedicated installer.

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