[Solved] QT Quick 2 Application (Built-i Types) project for Android platform does not work .

  • Hi,

    I am a QT newbie. So probably the solution is very simple, but I can't find it.

    I generate a QT Quick 2 Application (Built-i Types) project for Android platform, I ran the application with the classic "Hello Wolrd" but it does not work. I have a white empty application. I tryed to change the rectangle size and color, but the result have not changed.
    So I tryed to generate a QT Quick 1 Application (Built-i Types) project and it works properly.

    Somebody know why does it happen? Where and what is my mistake?

    I am using a QT 5.1.1, GCC 4.6.1 64 Bit, QT Creator 2.8.1 and openSuse Linux 12.3

    Thanks for any suggestion.

  • Hi,

    I solved the problem. The QT Quick 2 Application works properly on my android device, instead on the AVD device (R. 22.0.5) I see only a white screen.
    Now the question is why it does not work using AVD


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