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Cross Compiling: Linux -> Windows and Linux -> Mac

  • First of all:

    • I know that Qt is not a cross compiler.

    I have done a tons amount of Google searching, but not a good solid answer. I have Qt Creator on my Linux laptop. I know that Qt is not a cross compiler, but that's where I need help. How can I use the IDE to compile for Windows, and, if possible, Mac as well (I saw something about cross compiling to Mac not being possible)?

    I have MinGW installed (I think), but that step be included anyway just in case I have not installed correctly or something.

  • you want develop under linux enverionment for Windows application?

  • Well, for Linux/Windows/Mac. I already know that I can compile for the system I'm running on.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Indeed, there's currently no option to cross-compile for OS X. And for windows you would have to cross-compile Qt first with mingw then use that version of Qt to build your project with QtCreator. Also keep in mind that you must not use any platform dependent code if you want to cross-compile for windows.

    Most people (me included) will recommend you to have virtual machines to do native build of your application. This will also give you the possibility to test that your application works correctly on the other platforms.

    Hope it helps

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