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Problem with using Bzr Pull through QtCreator

  • The problem is that QtCreator gives different output than my terminal, as for bzr pull.

    Look at this screenshot:

    I've told bzr about the default location, and this is clearly visible through the terminal (bzr+ssh:// or simply lp:wallpaper-changer), but not through QtCreator. QtCreator outputs the message shown on the screenshot no matter if there are online revisions available or not.

    I don't know what QtCreator gives bzr as the default location, but it seems like it should work, because the path where bzr is executed is the same for the terminal and for QtCreator. There is no problem inside QtCreator if I explicitly specify the URL in the pull dialog, but it should work by simply pulling. I guess the default location of the branch somehow changes when it is run from QtCreator.

    Pushing the changes has exactly the same problem, it doesn't work if I don't explicitly specify the location of the branch, each time.

    Any help appreciated.

  • May I bump this?

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    Sure you may, I would also suggest that you try to post on the "qt-creator mailing list": you might have more chance to get an answer there (I may be wrong but it seem that bzr is not the most widely used version control system)

  • Yes, Git or SVN are probably more popular, but bazaar works excellently with Launchpad and isn't all that different, after all; that's why I chose it. I will try the mailing list, thanks.

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    Interesting... I'll have to take a look at it.

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