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Using QObjects in namespaces

  • Hi,

    I'm fairly new to C++ (coming from Java) so this question might be more related to that instead of Qt.
    Please bear with me :)

    I want my application to have a globally available method that receives a QString for use with text-to-speech. For this, I need a QProcess which launches espeak with the string as an argument.

    I understand using a namespace is the recommended way.

    So I have;

    namespace voice
    void speak(QString text);

    namespace voice
    void speak(QString text)
    // ... use a QProcess

    So from here on, every class which includes voice.h can use the namespace method using voice::speak. Excellent.

    I'm not sure how to define the QProcess here though. In a class, I would define a private QProcess pointer and then create it in the constructor using new.

    So what is the recommended method using a QProcess in this case and how would I define it?
    Ideally, this pointer would be private, and I would also need to connect some of it's signals to private slots.


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    Global functions in namespaces or not is not what I'd recommend. Why not just a class with a static member?

    class Voice {
    static void speak(QString text) { QProcess::startDetached(/.../); }

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    Not directly related to your question (although I would say it depends on the use case) but are you trying to implement some sort of accessibility feature ? If so, Qt provides a module for that that you could use

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