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[SOLVED] - External dll for parsing XML file - reference in Qt Application is resulting in Code Existed with Error scenario

  • I'm using Qt Creator 5.0.2 (MSVC version) on Windows XP and I've a Qt 2.0 application which uses an external .dll file. I'm able to reference the external library properly in my Qt project. However, this dll does some XML parsing (default path of the .xml is location of .dll). I've put all the required .h files of libxml2 as well libxml2.lib, zlib.lib, iconv.lib in lib sub-folder.

    In fact while building the external .dll file reference to libxmls is done properly and we have performed a test using tester application.

    When this external .dll (developed in MS Visual Studio as static library project) is referenced, the Qt project is getting compiled by locating the libxml2 and other related files. However, the app does not exits with _____1515 code.

    Any assistance is highly appreciated.

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    Can the dll be found at runtime ?

  • Hello!

    1. How to know whether .dll is found at runtime or not?
    2. I've added this VC++ in house developed dll to .pro using LIBS, DEPENDPATH, INCLUDEPATH
    3. I've version1 of my in house developed external library which does same functionality -xml parsing. My application runs fine communicating to this external library
    4. In house developed static, dynamic .dll, .lib version2 with XML parsing when referenced in my Qt Quick project it is not getting compiled if I don't add xmllib2 reference (path and other related .h files). In spite of adding all those, the application compiles BUT does not get executed.

    I'm trying this issue for last 1-2 days...NO LUCK.

    Please help.

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    IIRC you partial error code resembles to the one you get when a dll is not found.

    In the Run tab of QtCreator update the PATH variable and add the path to were your dll can be found

  • Thanks for the given inputs. The issue is resolved after couple of days struggle. external library files folder was having .lib files only and it required .dlls too.

    Also, the reference of external libraries had to be performed in couple of places as per my project application architecture.

    The required things are identified and when handled, the issue is resolved successfully. I get to see my application running with no further hitches.

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