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Qt, iOS and OpenGL ES 1.1

  • I am porting a project to iOS and was hoping using OpenGL ES 1.1 was going to work. All iOS devices should support OpenGL ES 1.1 as well as OpenGL ES 2.0, but I am running into issues regarding certain OpenGL ES 1.1 commands - glEnable(GL_LIGHTING), glMatrixMode(), etc. These are throwing errors when I check glGetErrors. For instance glEnable(GL_LIGHTING) throws a GL_INVALID_ENUM error. Is the context not being setup correctly? I've read some documentation about iOS setting up the default context to use OpenGL ES 2.0, but this project is solely using Qt. Even the example hellogl_es project does not work when building for the simulator since the same errors are thrown. The hellogl_es2 project works just fine.

    Does Qt only support OpenGL ES 2.0 for iOS?

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    I'm not sure about iOS, but in general Qt5 requires OpenGL ES 2.0 as a minimum.

  • Qt is either configured to be built with GLES 1.1 or GLES 2.0, and it's not possible to mix the two. Qt 5.x removes a lot of the support for GLES 1.1 (as it requires GLES 2.0 for many functions). You can download a prebuilt GLES 1.1 version of Qt 4.8.x from the Mediator Software website.

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