Qt5.1 Android: Embed QML in QWidget

  • Is it possible to embed QML(QQuickView) in QWidget on android?

    I am trying to do this.
    @MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent) :
    ui(new Ui::MainWindow)

    QQuickView *view = new QQuickView();
    QWidget *container = QWidget::createWindowContainer(view, this);
    container->setMinimumSize(200, 200);
    container->setMaximumSize(300, 300);


    I am getting the error,

    W/Qt (15593): opengl\qopenglshaderprogram.cpp:1748 (int QOpenGLShaderProgram::uniformLocation(const char*) const): QOpenGLShaderProgram::uniformLocation( alphaMax ): shader program is not linked
    E/libEGL (15593): eglMakeCurrent:534 error 3002 (EGL_BAD_ACCESS)
    W/Qt (15593): eglconvenience\qeglplatformcontext.cpp:111 (virtual bool QEGLPlatformContext::makeCurrent(QPlatformSurface*)): QEGLPlatformContext::makeCurrent: eglError: 3002, this: 0x5854c210
    W/Qt (15593):
    F/libc (15593): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000004 (code=1), thread 15616 (QSGRenderThread)
    'org.qtproject.example.test2' died.

    I am actually trying to find a pathway to embed my opengl based window into Qwidget on android.

    Is QWidget's createWindowContainer() supposed to work on android in Qt5.1?

  • Below is the screenshot of what I am trying to achieve on android. It works with no issues on windows


  • I have the same problem, there is no way to solve.

    I'm waiting Qt5.2 or preview 2

  • Ok, it seems that everybody has this problem...and I'm using Qt 5.3.2 (more than a year after your posts)...it becoms frustrating. Until this problem gets a solution, does anyone have another idea about how can we embed QML in QWidget on Android?

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