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[SOLVED]I need explanation about connect()

  • Signal and slot mechanism is heart of qt.So i want to learn it thoroughly.There are somethings that preoccupies me. QObject::Connect() has five different form.One of them takes 3 arguments.Qt documentation(5.1.0) says about it that
    QMetaObject::Connection QObject::connect(const QObject * sender, const char * signal, const char * method, Qt::ConnectionType type = Qt::AutoConnection) const
    This function overloads connect().

    Connects signal from the sender object to this object's method.

    Equivalent to connect(sender, signal, this, method, type).

    Every connection you make emits a signal, so duplicate connections emit two signals. You can break a connection using disconnect().

    Note: This function is thread-safe.

    See also disconnect().
    About "Equivalent to connect(sender, signal, this, method, type)." above:
    1-Does class which pointing by *this have to be a subclass of QObject?
    2-Does method had to be declared as custom slot?(in case of it is not member any QObject subclass)
    3-Do I have to use SLOT macro such SLOT ( method ( args ) ) ?
    4-Do I have to use Q_OBJECT macro in header?

    All questions above about qt5. Thanks.

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    1. No, you can declare slots as public, protected or private.
    2. Using this form of connect, yes
    3. Yes you have to

    You can read more about it in this "chapter":

  • Thank you again.Answers are

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