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Getting started with Qt for ARM

  • Hello,

    I want to get started with Qt for ARM. I am hosting development on an Ubuntu Linux VM, and targeting ARM, want to be on the latest GCC 4.7 (I think it's 4.7.3 now).

    What are my options for this? I'd like to go with a full Qt Commercial SDK, develop through Qt Creator the UI and such we will need, etc.

    If possible jump starting with Qt5, but I don't know where to begin, find the downloads, etc? Thank you...


    Michael Powell

  • Since you are thinking of commercial sdk anyhow, why not ask Digia directly, what they can offer?

  • What do you means with "develop for arm"? Do you want to develop for Android or for a generic arm based mainboard like Raspberry?
    For example I use raspberry emulated with qemu to compile the qt applications for raspberry. In case of Android I use the emulator.
    Is like to develop for pc I think.
    What have you got to develop? If you want I can help you.

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