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Symbian^3 SDK + Qt Mobility

  • Hi guys.
    I'm trying to use the s3 sdk to build a Qt app but I also need Qt Mobility. The problem is that the QtM install inside the s3 sdk seems to be outdated (1.0.0) and it's also installed differently from the Nokia Qt SDK.

    Can I somehow upgrade it to 1.0.2? I can't find any packages < 1.1
    Can I at least copy the convenience headers? Now I have to #include <mw/qnetworkconfigmanager.h>

    Alternatively, will we get the new Nokia SDK this month (4.7, qtm 1.1, ovi store support)?

  • Download the latest Qt mobility from here : "Qt Mobility 1.1.0":

    Currently OVI store accepting application which are made from NOKIA Qt SDK 1.0.2
    which contains Qt 4.6.3.for Symbian and Qt 4.7 for Maemo.

  • AFAIK QtM 1.1.0 is built against 4.7 and I use 4.6.3.

    I MUST use 4.6.3, the S3 SDK and QtM. Nokia doesn't provide 1.0.2 as an installable package any more like they do with 1.1, so I can't install it over the S3 SDK...

  • The best solution seems to somehow find a 1.0.2 package and merge it with epoc32.

  • Hi, I'm having the same problem; created a program with Nokia Qt SDK, compiled with the remote compiler for target 4.6.3/mobility 1.0.2 (I have a N8 which comes with Qt 4.6.3), but when installing the installer asked for mobility 1.0.1 or newer.

    Got 1.1.0, but its installer asks for Qt 4.7.0 (which I'm not willing to install on my N8).

    Anyway, I found the mobility 1.0.2 files at

    But there is no .sis for Symbian^3.

    Any hints?



  • Try the new beta SDK, it should have all the sis files.

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