QML and which embedded linux distri to choose

  • Hey guys I started developing with Qt for my own.
    I'm an apprentice and have to submit a project for my final exam.
    Now I wanna initiate a new project in my company. The designated target is to create a QML application
    on a small plattform. I quess that embedded linux could be a good choice.

    But I don't have any experiences with embedded linux systems.
    I hope you can help me with this.

    At first I have to know which minimum hardware requirements Qt with QML has.
    I was developing QML on my desktop systems yet and this wasn't really a problem.

    I have to choose a hardware system with an qualified operating system.
    A Linux distribution is preferred.

    So can you tell me how many disc space, ram, cpu power and so on I should have
    to get qml to work. There is no need for multimedia contents like movies to keep the requirements

    Thanks for any help.

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