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Qt Creator Plugin HellowWorld - how to make it show - solved

  • I downloaded Qtcreator src from Git:Head. and compiled it against Qt 4.8.5. (This is on Linux). I wish to learn more about creating a plugin for Creator so looked at the HellowWorld pugin example that comes with creator.

    I think it is supposed to create a menu item under tools, but I do not see it there or anywhere. I see that in my qtcreatetor/lib/qtcreator/plugins/QtProject there are two files - libHelloWorld.so and a HelloWorld.pluginspec file

    I have also tried to start qtcreator with -load HelloWorld but that still does not show any menu item. Maybe I got it all worng as to where I am supposed to see this example plugin. Can some one please clue me in on what I am doing wrong.

    Thank you

  • Sorry to have troubled you - it was user error. If I cd to the directory where the plugin is and give it the command line -load HelloWorld then it shows up.

    But seeing how the directory I am in is: ~/qt/qt-creator/lib/qtcreator/plugins/QtProject you think it would load the it automatically

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    Great you solved it ! Can you also update the thread's title to solved ? So other forum users may know a solution has been found :)

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