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[SOLVED]Can't hit breakpoints on code ported to 5.1 android

  • I've been porting over a project from Necessitas to 5.1. I never had breakpoints working with Necessitas.

    A newly created android 5.1 project will allow be to set breakpoints in my c++ code. For some reason though, breakpoints get ignored on the ported project. I can see debug output with qDebug no problem.

    Looking at the two projects, I haven't see anything that looks like a breakpoint enable value. Anybody know how to turn it on for the other project?

  • Maybe the ported project is not set to Debug build configuration?
    Check that in your project settings -> Build -> QMake (build steps)

  • The little tab at the bottom left is set to Debug. The effective qmake steps both look the same.

  • This is how my release one looks like:
    qmake /+++/qt/orb/orb.pro -r -spec android-g++
    debug: qmake /+++/qt/orb/orb.pro -r -spec android-g++ CONFIG+=debug CONFIG+=declarative_debug CONFIG+=qml_debug

  • Mine looks like this (pathhere to protect the names of the innocent).
    qmake /pathhere.pro -r -spec android-g++ CONFIG+=debug CONFIG+=declarative_debug CONFIG+=qml_debug

    Sample that works and port that doesn't both look the same.

  • Edit: Would you mind to share the code or is it something you cant do?

  • Found the problem.
    In the .pro file was:
    CONFIG += console
    release \

    Needed to be:
    CONFIG += console
    debug \

    Also, after making the change I had to do a rebuild all for it to take effect.

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