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Feedback on Qt 3D shmup game concept running on Z10

  • Hi all,

    I managed to compile Qt3D 1.0 for BB Z10, and I implemented this shmup concept game using QML and javascript only (no Qt 3D cpp). The video of the game in action is here:

    What do you guys think? Any feedback would be nice.


  • Nice work. Especially I like the enemy movement and the crash down to earth animation. Can you please tell me how much effort you put on that demo?

  • [quote author="deion" date="1375271443"]
    What do you guys think? Any feedback would be nice.[/quote]

    The quality of the video is poor but the game seems really nice :) Well done! I love this type of space games.

  • Hi,
    Thanks guys for the nice comments.
    It took about 7 weeks of evenings and weekends work, starting with compiling Qt 3D for BB10; a lot of time I spent on searching the web for decent free 3D meshes and doing trigonometry for the enemy movement, as my coses and sines are hit and miss;
    Really hope Qt 3D will be part of Qt 5.2 and that it will have proper support, it really makes 3D fun to work with. I'd like to see Qt becoming a proper gaming platform; Unity could always extend their framework to do 2D UI and networking, etc and it would be a powerful competitor to Qt.

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