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How to Start Qt application on Windows CE running ARM device

  • Hi

    I am using FriendlyARM mini2440 ARM 9 based board,...with Windows embedded CE6. I have already compiled the qt for windows ce with my board custom sdk and added Qt plugin to visual studio.

             I am able to develop qt application in visual studio and run on my device by connecting using activesyncronization( by pressing F5) is deploying and running...but
            My problem is when i copy the application.exe file on to the board and try to is not opening....

    i tried using copying entire folder to the board..but no use...can anyone help how to run the exe application on the board..should i copy and dll's to board..if so where should i place them..please help me..

    Thanks in advance

  • Are you copying also the required Qt dlls to the device?
    [edit] Just saw that you basically you have asked already if you should copy. Yes! You need only the required dlls.

  • Hi Koahing,

    thnxs for the reply....which dll's should i copy ...and in which folder of the windows embedded ce 6 should i place the dll's..

  • You need the required Qt dlls. Probably at least Qt5Core and Qt5Gui at least for release. Others depend on the modules of Qt you are using. From ms you need msvcr80.dll.
    Note: the msvcr80.dll is from msvc2005 and I guess it (80) stands for 8.0, the compiler version. So this may differ for you.
    All file names are given for release. In case of debug modes you need also respectively instead the d-versions.
    IIRC msvc tells you the dlls copied during deployment. Unfortunately, that is all I can recollect at the time. Have not done anything with CE for a while.

    Actually there is a wiki on the issue, but it is rather useless, since all the mentioned links end at the start page of Qt5 documentation.

    [edit: here is the "link to the wiki": , koahnig]

  • HI,

    Yes i have the dll's...but in which folder of the wince i should place them to run the applications...

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