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QT Mobility 1.1 & Camera Access

  • I need to use the new feature of Mobility 1.1 to develop an application that uses the Camera.
    I did the horrible installation of Mobility 1.1 with QT 4.7 and I could build the .sis of the qcamera example with QT Mobility 1.1

    Now when I install on my N8 I got Access not granted

    As I'm a new to QT in Nokia I have to ask : Do I need certain SIGNING to allow this sample run to my mobile? How?

  • As mentioned in your other thread, please check the capability requirements of your application. Also make sure you have the same Qt Mobility Version installed on your test device too.

  • Access not Granted ,

    Because you are making the application in Qt 4.7.,,,And your device already contains Qt 4.6.3..

    It is version conflict..
    You should use "Qt 4.7 for Symbian^3 : Developer Version":^3_-_developer_version

  • qtrahul,

    The device was updated to QT 4.7 using that of the Symbian^3 Developer Version and I installed the mobility 1.1 from file: qt-mobility-symbian-1.1.0-symbian3-nokia-signed.sis

    I did that update becuse the N8 was hard reset and I reinstalled the qt using the

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