[SOLVED][main.obj] Error 2

  • This is the Error Msg I get get whenever I try to start an Android App using QT 5.1 for android.
    I've tried QtGui, Mobile Qt, Qt Quick 2 and Qt console Applications.
    Everytime I get the exact same Error Msg .

    :-1: error: [main.obj] Error 2

    Does anyone have a clue what that Error means?
    I would guess it's connected to not finding an android device to deploy to, but I can open the avd manager from the qt options menu and have a device with the right android version setup, as well as having an appropriate android tablet connected to the pc.

    Edit: I am running on Windows 7 Enterprise.

  • Uninstall + reinstall did the trick.
    Not very satisfying, but at least it worked.

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