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[Solved] QSqlTableModel with two setFilter

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    void ScooterWindow::UpdateQuery3(const QString &text, const QString &text2)
    QString searchitem1 = text;
    QString searchitem2 = text2;

    ScooterWindow::model->setFilter(QString("name like '%%1%' AND description like '%%2%'").arg(searchitem1).arg(searchitem2));


    Can I separate setFilter queries on two lines?

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    Do you mean something like

    ("name like '%%1%' AND "
    "description like '%%2%'").arg(searchItem1)


  • That helps a little bit. I wanted to avoid using "AND". I want to build a query with filter for multiple columns (even more than two in my example) and then the line is not so "stylish" any more.

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    In that case, you could make a "filter builder"

  • My target is make filter for all colums of the table. I would probably need 5-6 columns. I have filter for first column in the picture.

    @query.exec(QString("SELECT * IN scooter WHERE name like %1%").arg(searchitem));

    I would be more confident using this type of query but then my tableView doesn't get updated any more. I have seen examples where multiple WHERE sentences are presented line after line.

    Do you have practical example how should I implement this?

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    I am not sure I am really following you here.

    Can you show me the example ?

  • Sorry about the delay... I moved from a country to another and had to sort things out. I solved the problem like below. It is more or less formatting.

    model->setFilter(QString("name like '%%1%' AND "
    "type like '%%2%' AND "
    "description like '%%3%'")

    Following question:

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