QtQuick - OpenGL ES dependency in rootfs

  • Hi,

    i am starting to work with a Cortex A5 from Atmel (SAMA5D3), and would like to use QtQuick 1-2 for application development. My understandings says that it's mandatory to have OpenGL ES support (installed) in my rootfs.

    At the moment i am trying to build my rootfs with this requirement, although there is no GPU available in my SoC. Despite this absence, do i still need OpenGL ES in my rootfs to run QtQuick 1 or 2?. If this the case, wich package should i install? Is MESA an option? I am a little bit loss at this point.

    Thanks in advance, any help or suggestions will be really appreciated.


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    Qt works with MESA. But in full software mode, it will probably be slow.

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