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Android: Return to previous state when re-opening application

  • Hi,
    I'm working on QML application which has several "screens" (splash screen then login then main view, etc..). But when I switch to another application (or android home screen) and switch back to my application, it returns to the splash screen.

    I assume this is because the entire application is just one android activity, but is there a way to know, through Qt or C code, when the activity is being suspended and resumed? So that I could return to the last state my application was in.

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    are you sure it is suspended and not exited and restarted?
    You could try to set the "launch mode parameter": to singleInstance.

  • thanks for the reply!
    It seems it does indeed exit, with this error:
    E/libEGL (32084): eglDestroySurface:445 error 300d (EGL_BAD_SURFACE)

    I get the same error with a sample QML application (SameGame example from QtCreator).

    I googled around and can't find much of use about this -- any ideas?
    All I can find is that it might be a problem with the app not implementing onPause() and onResume() functions properly, but I'm not sure how I might implement those myself.

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