Load library and calling functions of main app

  • Hello! Sorry for poor language.

    I load library, give him pointer to main app and after that call main app public functions from library . But I get error message.
    "symbol lookup error: /home/jeka/QtPro/MyPlugin/plug/libMy_plug.so: undefined symbol: _ZN10MainWindow8set_textEv"
    What I should to do to call main app publick functions from my plugin?
    If it's hard what I should to learn?

  • Well, without code, no way of telling what you are doing now, or what is the real solution. But loading a QLibrary also needs to "resolve" function pointers to the functions in the library. The symbol lookup error gives an indication that QLibrary couldn't find the requested function. When using a C-API library it should always work. If you use a C++ library you need to use the same compiler for the library and your Qt project, this to do with name mangling.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since you are using Qt I assume that you have a QApplication, then you don't need to pass the pointer to your QApplication instance around. Just use the qApp macro in your code.

    Your error seems related to a MainWindow class, are you sure that this class is known to your plugin ?

  • Thanks for answers. My code is ugly))
    I write some functions prototype, if it isn't enough. Please tell me how to share my project?
    // mainwindow.cpp
    #include "iface.h" // interface class
    void MainWindow::load_plugins()
    //... other code.
    QPluginLoader loader(dir.absoluteFilePath(strFileName));
    // iface plugin; private member
    plugin = qobject_cast<iface
    plugin->set_main_app_pointer(this) ;
    void MainWindow::on_pushButton_clicked()
    void MyPlugin::call_mainwindow_function()
    //MainWindow *window - my plugin's private member
    qDebug() << window->metaObject()->className(); // give "MainWindow" string
    window->set_label_text(); //Error

    void MainWindow::set_label_text() // main app public function

  • Hi,
    It's really not a good idea to let your plugin depend on your application.

    You need to define a Interface class, then use it in both your application and your shared library.

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