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How to get EGLNativeWindowType* handle of QWidget (Android)

  • I need to display video using GStreamer on one of QWidget's of my application. With Qt on desktop it could be easily done by getting QWidget::winId() and pass it to GStreamer's sink element.

    Now I'm experimenting with shiny new Qt 5.1 on Android and I'm a little bit stuck with getting 'native' window handle of QWidget there. GStreamer requires EGLNativeWindowType* handle which is technically obtained with ANativeWindow_fromSurface() NDK call, but I don't know how to obtain one from QWidget in Qt. I've read somewhere, Qt paints the whole window on single EGL surface, so maybe it's impossible at all.

    So, is there any way to get EGLNativeWindowType* handle of QWidget or any other way to output video to certain widget?

  • Could you say if you found some solution?

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