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Qt Mobility Location Plugin Questions

  • I have a few questions surrounding the location plugin in Qt Mobility. I am hoping to get it installed in an embedded linux (openembedded) environment. We have concerns around storage and processor specs needed for the plugin.

    1. Does location require openGL?
    2. In its most stripped down state, how big is location?
    3. Any general idea of how processor intensive it is?
    4. Any other concerns that should be raised when moving to a non-desktop environment.


  • I'm assuming you're talking about mapping plugins.

    1. It shouldn't require OpenGL

    2-3. Not really sure, as that will vary depending on the platform and what you're doing with the maps. Even if you could fully specify both I probably wouldn't be much help. The best way to find out would be to write a sample app and profile it.

    1. It's currently running on Symbian 5th edition phones - we've written the code with that in mind. The amount of memory available for caching can effect the user experience a bit.

  • I appreciate the help. Are there plans to move mobility to production code? What are the dangers of using it in a commercial product? What about licensing?

  • Another question about Mobility: How is map imagery handled? Can I swap in my own imagery? Is there any possible way to store some imagery on the local drive in case no internet connection exists?

  • You can write a map plugin if you want to supply your own images. We have some convenience classes which should be pretty helpful if you're using tile based map images, so you could pretty easily write your plugin to use the local drive instead of the internet.

    The "nokia" plugin does some local caching, but doesn't prefetch data for cases where there is not internet connection. We can't add anything like that, since it would violate the terms of the service.

  • Is there anyone we could have a conference call with to connect our developers with someone who is very familiar with the location API?

  • Our support normally works via mail or IRC. I'd be the person to talk to

    I'm dalaing on #qt, #qt-labs and #qt-mobility on freenode, ususally available from 0830 to 1630 AEST (GMT + 1000).

    I asked about the licensing - since mapping is part of the 1.1 release it should be fine to use in a commercial product in general, although you probably need someone from your end to read and understand the terms and conditions associated with the Nokia mapping plugin if you're planning on using it in a commercial app, just in case.

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