Notification to the Qt application while USB plug/unplug

  • Hi All,

    I am working with Qt application handling usb devices on LInux os(3.1.0 kernel version) . I am able to interact with USB devices using Qt application with Libusb. But i am not able to communicate with usb device which is connected while Qt application is running(USB Hotplug).For interacting with new devices I am calling libusb api in every function then my application is able to communicate with new enumerated usb device also.

    Is there any other way to call it (libusb API ) while usb connecting and removing(when Qt application got notification ) instead of calling before every operation.


  • Hi

    Any idea anyone ????

    Just I want to call libusb API function while usb plug or unplug .

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi,
    libudev should work for you.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply,

    Presently My ubuntu dont have libudev , I can install libudev but how my Qt application will cal libudev automatically when usb is pulg/unplug to get hotpluged usb device.

    And one more thing is already i have libusb API function(libusb_get_device_list) to get fresh usb devices list just i need Qt application should call this function automatically when usb is plug/unplug to update usb devices with out user involvement.

    Thanks & Reagards

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