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[solved]class doesn't name a type

  • Hi, I have to class, USB and MainForm.
    in USB class i want to have an object of Mainform class but it has following error:
    C:\Users(Mahdi)\Documents\QT\untitled1\usb.h:28: error: 'MainForm' does not name a type
    this is USB.h
    #include "mainform.h"
    using namespace std;
    class USB:public QThread


    int Digital_Packet_Count;
    int Analog_Packet_Count;
    int TAkhasosi_Packet_Count;
    ContentControl *Temp_Content;
    MainForm *m;
    this is MainForm class:
    namespace Ui {
    class MainForm;

    class MainForm : public QWidget


    QList<QWidget*> All_Images;
    QList<QMovie*> All_Gif;
    explicit MainForm(QWidget *parent = 0);

    what is problem?(ContentControl is another class that i have an object from it in USB class but it has no problem)

  • Try
    Ui::MainForm *m;

  • i did it but has following error:
    C:\Users(Mahdi)\Documents\QT\untitled1\usb.h:22: error: 'MainForm' in namespace 'Ui' does not name a type

  • Hi, note that, QWidget and subclass of it can only be used main thread.

  • Hi, can you explain more?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Short version: QWidget and QWidget based classes can only be used from the GUI thread. The one that is started when you call app.exec();

    You can't create and use widgets from other threads

  • thanks. so i can't use from MainForm Object in USB class any way?

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    You should have your class USB do all the handling it needs to do (I suppose it's low level stuff), give it an interface where you can connect a GUI on it and keep the two things separated.

    It will make your design cleaner keeping either responsibilities separated

  • thanks for all replies.
    i found the problem. i MainForm class i include usb.h and in usb.h i include MainForm.h. when i delete usb.h from MainForm problem has solved.

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