Error on Android Development. Please HELP...

  • Recenty installed Qt 5.1.0 (32bit) with Qt Creator 2.7.2
    I want to develop apps for Android with Qt but I'm facing some errors
    Please check these link:

    1. "Error Creating Android templates":
    2. "Error Creating AVD":
    3. "Qt Creator Options":

    When I start to create a project everything is fine.
    I mean File->New->Qt Quick 2->Choose->Name->and here I select Android Kit and when I press "Finish" button I get an error "Error Creating Android templates"
    after pressing "OK" button, I can write code but when I press "Run" button, I get another error "Error Creating AVD". Please take a look of those screenshot up there.
    I've also attached Qt Creator Options Screen Snap. Please take a look on no:3 link. When I press "Start Android AVD Manager" Or "Add" button, It doesn't show anything

    THANK YOU...

  • Have you actually downloaded any android api with the sdk?

  • Friend to this day have not seen this part to function properly.

    I stopped using the create avd with qt, I'll cut to the AVDManager.exe

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