How to get cell contents prior to they are changed in QTableWidget?

  • Hi,

    So suppose I have a QTableWidget with many cells. Consider a particular cell with value say "String1".
    Now the user double clicks & edits the value to say "String2".

    What I want is that QTableWidget should emit a SIGNAL when the user has successfully edited the cell & pass the previous value i.e. "String1" to the connected SLOT. Now let me add that I do not want the SIGNAL to be emitted if the cell is merely selected or double clicked, but only when it is edited.

    You may ask why I want this. This is because I am checking the new value "String2" for some conditions; if it is OK then I let "String2" remain in the cell, but if it does not satisfy my conditions then I want the cell to have "String1" instead.

    I have used QTableWidget a little too much in my whole program, so it might not be possible to use Model/View framework now.
    Any suggestion is welcome.

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    Maybe use a custom QStyledItemDelegate and reimplement setModelData

  • Hi SGaist,

    What you are suggesting is for QTableView (I think?) & I have used QTableWidget everywhere in my application. So it might be very difficult to shift to QTableView & may create bugs.

    Any way to get the desired results with QTableWidget?

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    QTableWidget is a QTableView with an internal model, so AFAIK there's nothing that forbids you to use custom item delegates.

    You'll simply access the underlying model of QTableWidget.

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