Check for icon of QPushButton in if case

  • Hi,

    I have a QPushButton and I want to check if it has a certain Icon set and do stuff if it's the case. But I can't get the if statement working. I tried this
    @if(vlmPlayWidget_->playButton->icon() == QIcon(style()->standardIcon(QStyle::SP_MediaPlay))){

    but the compiler gives me error C2678. SO it seems like I'm using the wrong arguements for "==", but I don't understand why. Is there another way to get this working?

    thanks alot!

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    You can't compare two QIcons like that.

    Why do you want to check the icon ?

  • Well, I'm trying to get my player work and I found some code on the internet, that seems to work. But he's comparing the text on the buttons, but I want to use Icons instead of text, so I'm trying to compare Icons. Maybe it also works to check for the player's current state, so I will try that. I wanted to stick to the example as close as possible to minimize mistakes from my side.

    I want to make my player work like a slideshow, because I'm not playing a movie, but I'm opening files with a certain time delay between and display the data. I thought I could get some Ideas from slideshow examples on how to handle play/pause/stop-buttons and player states. Right now I'm just running into infinite loops without a chance of canceling them :(. If by chance you know of any examples that might be helpful in my case, I'll be glad, if you share them with me :)

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    Sounds like a bad idea to me: A UI should reflect the state an application is in, it should not store that state.

    If something is playing is application state. There should be a way to retrieve that state from the object that does the playing, not from a button that happens to have a play icon on it! That is a maintenance nightmare: You would have to rewrite your application logic whenever somebody changes the UI. And UIs are the part that changes the most frequent.

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