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[solved] QtCreator 2.8 from GIT gives Project ERROR with qmake

  • Hi,

    an hour ago I tried to update my working copy of the QtCreator project with latest version from GIT. After the update git told me that it is version 2.8.
    I tried to run qmake with update but i get the following error message:

    @ Reading C:/QtCreator/src/plugins/fakevim/
    Reading C:/QtCreator/src/plugins/designer/
    Project ERROR: Module designercomponents has no public API.


    My qmake command is as follows an runs fine the times before my latest update.

    qmake -r -spec win32-g++ "CONFIG+=release"

    Any Ideas what is wrong?


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    That obviously should not happen. Which branch are you trying to build? Which SHA?

    Both the 2.8 and master branch built fine for me today on Linux.

  • First I tried to update my working copy with a normal git pull command.
    When this error appears I deleted my working copy and mad a complete new checkout with:

    git clone git://

    I think this is the master branch?

    Today in the morning I tried again a git pull and I got the following messages:

    @c:\QtCreator>git pull
    remote: Counting objects: 49, done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (22/22), done.
    remote: Total 23 (delta 19), reused 1 (delta 1)
    Unpacking objects: 100% (23/23), done.
    From git://
    cc7c3c9..84cbd10 master -> origin/master
    20f3502..372fc60 2.8 -> origin/2.8
    Updating cc7c3c9..84cbd10
    tests/auto/debugger/tst_dumpers.cpp | 7 -------
    1 file changed, 7 deletions(-)@

    After trying again the qmake, the same error appears.
    How can I see which SHA I checked out?

    I am using Win 7 64 bit.

  • Another point:
    I just downloaded the QtCreator source for 2.7.2 from the download page and the same qmake project error occurs.

    Yesterday I also updated my Qt from git to the latest version. Is it possible that this is not a problem of QtCreator source but of Qt 5.1.1 itself?

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    I did built today and it still works fine for me on linux.

    Try "git log": The SHA of the very first entry is of interest. Which Qt version are you using?

  • As I mentioned, I just updated my Qt working copy to 5.1.1 from GIT.

  • I've the same problem.
    I built qt5 like this guide, today:
    Than I tried to compile qt-creator and got this error.
    I'm working on Linux.

    qt5: ef8000991e5e4bd12e830d83a78d821b7863f0d4
    creator: 113c5600c909791ddfea3d424a41d982dcdda6b7

  • I just downloaded the Qt 5.1.0 source and the QtCreator source from the qt-project download page and this builds fine.
    Unfortunately I can not give you my SHA numbers but I think it will be the same as Schlumpf's numbers

  • hmmm, today I deleted the qtcreator repository and tried it again. Now it works...

  • I compiled Qt5.1.0 fine on one machine then switched to another machine and attempted to compile the git master with the same config and hit this.

    Then i noticed id somehow got myself onto the wip/winrt branch instead of the stable branch. Switching branches allowed configure to continue.

    (this may still be an issue but with wip/winrt instead of stable)

  • I checked out the QtCreator sources again and now it works fine also for me again. Seemed to be only a temporary problem.

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