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QFileDialog::getOpenFileName on maemo not browsing entire directory tree

  • Hello!
    in my Python code I run that:

    self.filename = QtGui.QFileDialog.getOpenFileName(self, 'Open file','/')

    when I run it on Arch (Qt 4.6.3) that's open file dialog from root directory ("/"). But, on maemo5 (Qt 4.6.2) I can browse only "Nokia N900" which is /home/user directory and "Kingston", that means /media/mmc1 - not entire directory tree. how can I browse entire tree?

  • Qt uses the native file dialog on Maemo 5 ("Maemo docs":, which disallows browsing anything but the home dir and the memory card. To browse the entire file tree (and risk being rejected from the Ovi store), you can use a QFileSystemModel on a QTreeView?

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