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Has Aero been implemented in Qt 4.7?

  • Greetings!

    I read, which talks about the workaround (and implements one) for Aero on Vista/7.

    Is there a different method in Qt 4.7? — The reason I ask, is that I plan on implementing blur in my application, and on all non Aero Operating Systems, I'd like the window to be the same colour as the OS [Silver on OSX, Grey on XP etc.].

    Is there a special method of doing such in Qt 4.7?

    Also interested if there's a way to copy the tab design [along with the new tab button, and rearrangement ability], without losing the other MDI features [restore to non-tab]

    Thank you,

    Alec Taylor

  • Personally, I just use the method in the link you gave. AFAIK, there is no native support in Qt 4.7. It works fine for me.

  • Would be nice though to have Aero/7 fully supported. For the moment me too I use the method mentioned.

  • Better to have independent special interface with couple of effects

  • Agreed

    [the reason I asked about 4.7 is that the article specified an aero-implementation in that version]

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