Weird black screen with mousepointer icons when using QGLWidget

  • Anybody ever experienced this?

    I have an iMX6 embbedded linux board, with a LCD and touchscreen.

    I have an QML QtQuick 1.1 / C++ application. That works on the target.
    When I want to HW accelerate it and put it on a QGLWidget it shows the first screen of the app. But when touching or clicking with the mouse, I get a black screen with all the mouse pointer icons blown up (like the hand, the arrow, the sand-hourglass, etc), after a screen refresh I get my app screen back. When an animation is accuring, the screen flickers between the app screen and this black mouse icon screen.

    If I port my app to QML QtQuick 2.0/ C++, which is HW accelerated by default and not using the QDeclativeView, but the QQuickView, the app works fine.

    This is what I do to make it a QGLWidget.
    // Set view optimizations not already done for QDeclarativeView

    // Make QDeclarativeView use OpenGL backend
    QGLWidget *glWidget = new QGLWidget(this);

  • I switched to QT5.1.0 and figured out there is a environmental variable to hide the cursor on EGL and that seems to do the trick.


    Maybe it masks the real problem, but I do not need a mouse pointer.

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