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Loading Page while Loading data

  • Hello,all.

    I want to achieve that effect: when I press a button and then the app loading data via network, so I need a page(or a widget) to show that I am loading the data. and the page should be dynamically show how much data the app loaded.

    I have some question:

    1. which classes I could use?(the QSplashScreen?,but how to "dynamically" show message)

    2. Should I use the Thread when showing the loading widget as I am loading data in the background?

  • Hello,
    You should implement your desired "Loading" widget yourself. You may use a class for your entire network operations and send its pocket send and received data to the Loading Widget through connecting signals and slots. Usually QNetwork operates as self-threaded and you wont need to put it on another thread unless you've used a modal dialog to show your Loading form.

  • QProgressDialog:"" could be a solution.

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