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Qt5 and VNC support?

  • It seems that -qt-gfx-vnc option is no longer available on Qt5.x.x.
    Can anybody suggest a way to get the same kind of functionality on embedded Qt5.x?
    The key "features" I am looking for are:

    • running Qt5.x application on an embedded device
    • displaying only a particular application over VNC to a remote client (PC), not the whole desktop

    So this is exactly what Qt4.8.4 did when configured with -qt-gfx-vnc and executed with "appname -qws -display "VNC::0"

  • Hi,

    did you find any leads worth following?
    I just started looking into similar sounding scenario, although I wouldn't mind sharing the "whole desktop".

    I guess the answer of "running VNC server" on target device depends on the chosen QPA (the VNC QPA itself has been dropped a year ago as "broken and unmaintained").

    I wonder how feasible/laborious it would be to get VNC server up and running with e.g. wayland or eglfs QPAs? DirectFB seems to also have couple of VNC projects around. Or perhaps there is something more obvious I'm missing?

  • Hi,

    I haven't really found anything that would work out-of-the-box. I am currently thinking about using XCB (X11) QPA and a separate VNC server of some sort.

  • Yep, XCB crossed my mind too. That is also defacto vnc practice with raspberry pi (e.g. raspbian + tightvnc).

    I suppose in the longer run there may be a VNC QPA or a vnc server support for wayland.

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