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Setup Internet connection on Windows Mobile device.

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to setup Internet connection on Windows Mobile device. But have no success.

    I'm trying this code:

    // Set Internet Access Point
    QNetworkConfigurationManager manager;
    const bool canStartIAP = (manager.capabilities()
    & QNetworkConfigurationManager::CanStartAndStopInterfaces);
    // Is there default access point, use it
    QNetworkConfiguration cfg = manager.defaultConfiguration();
    if (!cfg.isValid() || (!canStartIAP && cfg.state() != QNetworkConfiguration::Active)) {
    QMessageBox::information(this, tr("Network"), tr(
    "No Access Point found."));

    session = new QNetworkSession(cfg, this);
    code from

    I don't have CanStartAndStopInterfaces capabilities.

    Hope it's a known issue.



  • do you have compile errors? or it just has no functionality?

  • Hi,

    I can compile and deploy it. But canStartIAP is false (i.e. CanStartAndStopInterfaces is false) and default configuration is empty. I also tryed to get list of congigurations and it's also empty...

  • Still can't start connection. I added qgenericbearerd4.dll into my application folder\bearer and now can see configurations.

    I have capabilities - 0x10, so seems that I can't start connection.

    Also I have list with 3 configurations:

    TNETW12511 - I guess wifi
    Automatic Tunneling Pseudo-Interface
    6to4 Pseudo-Interface

    when I'm trying to start I have error "The specified configuration cannot be used"

    When I switched on edge I've got one more connection - Cellular Line

    Anybody tryed to start internet connection from WinMobile with qt 4.7 application?

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