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BB10, Connection failed: connect timed out

  • I am new to developing application for BB10 with Qt. I created a Test application, I did not change anything. When I run the application I get a "Connection failed: connect timed out" error.

    Any recomemded beginers tutorials on Qt Creator for BB10 will help alot.

    N.B I am using Qt Creator 2.7.1
    BB Z 10 and target BB 10 Native SDK but my device target is BB 10 Native SDK 10.0.10(this might be my issue but it works well with the NDK)

    1. Check development mode is enabled on the device and you have the correct connection type for host selected in the settings menu. Choose Mac for Linux or Mac hosts.

    2. Check you can ping it - usually on if connected via usb

    3. Try starting blackberry-connect in a terminal. (I thought Qt Creator should do this for you if it's not already running but maybe not).

    See if that helps...

  • I tried option 1 and 2 already. Will try option 3 tomorrow. Also i like to mention that I am working on a windows 7.


  • Now I get this error

    No hostname specified for device
    Error while building/deploying project Trial (kit: BlackBerry 10 (C:/bbndk/target_10_1_0_1020/qnx6) - Simulator)
    When executing step 'Deploy packages'

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