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Eglfs vs wayland with qgraphicsview

  • Hi all,
    I am writing an application with qt5 for linux embedded. We are using c++ only (no qt quick, qml..).
    Our options are eglfs and wayland.
    The application shows some widget elements on the sides and a qgraphicsview in the middle for the map. The user can scroll the map through touch interface.

    I can't use QGLWidget as a viewport for Graphicsview under eglfs, which allows only one fullscreen gl-window. The alternative would be Wayland, which would allow several QGLWidgets.

    Would eglfs accelerate graphicsview, since the underlying backingstore is GL?
    Which drawing operations would be accelerated also in other widgets?

    Is wayland to prefer for this usecase?

    Ps: We have only one qt app running.

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