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[SOLVED] How to convert and to forward a tap-and-hold gesture to QGraphicsTextItem to activate link

  • Dear all,
    I have a QGraphicsTextItem inside a custom QGraphicsObject.
    The custom QGraphicsObject grab various gesture in order to do various things.
    But when a TapAndHold gesture has been recognized I want to check is at that point on the underlying QGraphicsTextItem there is an hyperlink and active it (openUrl).

    How can I do that ?? Any suggestions ??
    My first idea was to create a QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent with the information with TapAndHold gesture and send it to QGraphicsTextItem... but I failed becaouse there is no constructor for creating a QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent.
    Any other options ??
    Is there a way to check and to extract the hyperlink from QGraphicsTextItem without event ??


  • I solved the problem.
    The solution is to get the QAbstractDocumentLayout from the QTextDocument returned by QGraphicsTextItem::document.

    With the QAbstractDocumentLayout there are various method to check the content under a point. One of them is anchorAt.
    So, in the handler for TapAndHold the following lines of code do the work:
    @ QString mayUrl = contacts->document()->documentLayout()->anchorAt( contacts->mapFromScene(tap->position()) );
    if ( !mayUrl.isEmpty() ) {
    qDebug() << "TRY TO OPEN" << mayUrl;
    QDesktopServices::openUrl( mayUrl );

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