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[SOLVED] Project Design Help

  • Hi,

    I am currently about to start a fairly large project in Qt that will contain multiple executable's communicating with one another.

    My first though in how to design the project is to create a sub-directory project in Qt...That way, when I build the project, I can compile the main uppermost project, which in turn will compile all of the other sub projects.

    Also, I would like to share classes between these projects so there is no source duplication's...Therefore, there is going to some "shared area" for all of the projects to look for utility classes to use. For example, If I create a custom dialog box, I would like to share that dialog class between projects.

    Is this the best way to design this project in QtCreator? Is there a more elegant way with the creator achieve this?


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    You can build different type of template when using subprojects thus you can make a library with all the common code and link your various executable to that library

  • Thank you very much for the tip. The DLL sub projects are working great. It definitely cleans up the project interface quite a bit when you have more than 1 sub project.

    Also using .pri files for common Qmake commands cleaned up the build quite a bit.

    Thank you again!

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