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Interfacing existing C++ console application with GUI in Qt.

  • Hello everyone. Learning basic programming in C/C++. So far only simple console applications, mostly with Code Blocks. Now I have made a console application (parcel/package mangement system), to which I want to add a GUI, so I am giving Qt a try.
    The program is complete in console form. Now I just want to add simple GUI, so that when a certain button is pressed an object is created, or its function is executed. However it seems many things have to change. For example, before this I took input for different fields (name, address etc of one person) separately and put them in separate strings and wrote them to a file. Now I want the user to give the input into different fields in a window and click Ok, which will put all that information into the strings and write them to the intended file.
    So I just want some pointers to get started. How do I do the above mentioned tasks? Do I have to re-write the input functions for the signal slot mechanism? How do I associate each field with a string associated to an object so that something input into a textbox goes to that string when Ok is clicked? The standard C++ libraries (iostream, fstream, string.h, sstream etc don't work when the project type is Qt GUI application), so which project type should I choose for the intended purpose?

    Will be thankful for answers.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should have a look at the examples and demos provided with the Qt documentation, they cover all the areas your are interested in.

  • The Qt GUI application supports iostream etc. You just need to include the namespace for it. Since the situation that you give isn't a code example we can't really help you out here. Like SGaist says, just read the docs and you figure it out. Otherwise give us a piece of code to interface with. What kind of C++ class/object do you use/create etc. Now it's just guessing for us what you need.
    People are happy to help on this forum, so give us something to help you with.

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