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Build successful but will not run. Dependency Walker cannot find QT5CORE.dll

  • Good Day,
    I have installed Qt 5.0.2 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2012) on Windows 7, and duplicated the steps in the tutorial (OpenCV and QT). The program is built successfully, but when I try to run it, the output window says “The program has unexpectedly finished”.

    After poking around trying to debug the system, I ran dependency walker, and noticed that there was a problem locating several files, including QTCORED.DLL, QTGUID.DLL, and QTWIDGETD.DLL. (This happens on a debug build. On a release build the missing files include QTCORE.DLL, QTGUI.DLL, and QTWIDGET.DLL.

    I will really appreciate any idea on how to proceed in order to run the program!!!

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    Consult "the deployment guide": shipped with Qt docs :)

  • Thanks for your answer but desperation had forced me to try something else - ie I downloaded and installed Qt 5.0.2 for Windows 32-bit (VS 2010), and that seems to make the program run. Still testing to see if results are expected. I will get to the point where I am worrying about deployment shortly though.

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    Since Qt is not installed system wide, Dependency Walker will not find its libraries right away. You have to add the path to your installed Qt to Dependency Walker known paths.

    Then you should be good to search for the other dependencies.

  • I had the same problem – the app didn’t run without Qt installation libriaries in qt dir, so it didn’t work on other computers, and it didn’t work if I renamed the QT install dir on the dev computer and so made it unavailable. I tried Dependancy Walker, Process Explorer and deployqt.exe, all ######## and not comfortably working out of the box. Actually not giving any result.
    The fastest way to find app dependancies happened to become just renaming directories in Qt install dir to make them unavailable for the app. In 5 minutes I found out that my app needed ..\mingw482_32\qml\QtQuick\Window.2 and qml\QtQuick.2 directories, which I coppied to my app folder like that – myappfolder\QtQuick\Window.2 and myappfolder\QtQuick.2.
    It became a hundred times faster than seaching and learning the wierd tools.
    Maybe it can help someone. )

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